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Southwest Sailing - USCG Tools

Float Plan: Fillable, save, print, share with a trusted friend before you depart

- USCG Sector Los Angeles/Long Beach: (310) 521-3600; +1 for missing boats

- USCG Sector San Diego: (619) 278-7000; +1 for missing boats.

USCG Navigation Rules & Regulations Handbook

  • Digital copy HERE. Updated 2019 JUN 28. Online Rules as Required on Vessels Over 40'.  FYI, you can meet that requirement by downloading a copy to your phone or tablet.  It must be accessible without internet service.

  • USCG NavRules FAQs

  • USCG NavRules Notice Regarding Use of Electronic Charts, NavRules, etc

Become a USCG Licensed Captain - The Path to Captain

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