Southwest Sailing - Helpful Tools

Float Plan: Fillable, save, print, share with a trusted friend before you depart

- USCG Sector Los Angeles/Long Beach: (310) 521-3600; +1 for missing boats

- USCG Sector San Diego: (619) 278-7000; +1 for missing boats.

Bare Boat Packing Hints:  Items to consider bringing along.


Bare Boat Captain's Checklist: Suggestions to help prepare you and your crew.


AZ Charters / Rentals:  Sailboat Shop, tell Tom that Emory sent you!

AZ "Fractional" Boat Ownership: Tumbleweed Sailing, tell Bruce that Emory sent you!

CA Charters / Rentals: Marina Sailing, tell them Emory sent you!

Charts Online - Navigation: Navionics web and mobile phone versions.


-Course Settings:  I know...cheater!

-Two Harbors:  Great get away.  Less commercial than Avalon.  Still can be busy. 

-"Cat Harbor":  Catalina Harbor on the backside.  The quiet side. Our favorite. 

-Avalon and Avalon Live Availability

-Catalina Bow & Stern Mooring Instructions

NOAA Weather:  scroll to bottom of this regional report for PZZ655-091715- Inner waters from Point Mugu to San Mateo Pt. CA including Santa Catalina and Anacapa Islands

WindAlert (App):  West San Pedro Channel Station.  Click MAP view for more choices.

Let us know if you have suggestions for more tools to add!