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Southwest Sailing - Helpful Tools & LInks


Arizona Sailing Foundation: Sailing lessons for your kids.

Sailing Partner Links - Our Friends on and off the water!

NauticEd Online Sailor's Logbook:

Track your sailing experience, certifications and print your "Sailing Resume."

Charter Planning Checklists

Catalina Island Planning Tips

USCG Navigation Rules & Float Plan Form

BVI Travel & Charter Guidance - Covid-era Prep Experiences

How to Buy a Sailboat: Types, sizes, considerations for sailboat purchase.

How to Dock a Sailboat: Excellent article from

Bare Boat Packing Hints:  Items to consider bringing along.

Bare Boat Skipper's Checklist: Suggestions to help prepare you and your crew.

AZ Charters / Rentals:  Sailboat Shop, tell Tom that Emory sent you!

AZ "Fractional" Boat Ownership: Tumbleweed Sailing, tell Bruce that Emory sent you!

CA Charters / Rentals: Marina Sailing, tell them Emory sent you!

Charts Online - Navigation: Navionics web and mobile phone versions.

Safety of Live at Sea (SOLAS) References:  From USSailing Offshore SOLAS School


-Course Settings:  I know...cheater!

-Two Harbors:  Great get away.  Less commercial than Avalon.  Still can be busy. 

-"Cat Harbor":  Catalina Harbor on the backside.  The quiet side. Our favorite. 

-Avalon and Avalon Live Availability

-Catalina Bow & Stern Mooring Instructions

NOAA Weather:  scroll to bottom of this regional report for PZZ655-091715- Inner waters from Point Mugu to San Mateo Pt. CA including Santa Catalina and Anacapa Islands

WindAlert (App):  West San Pedro Channel Station.  Click MAP view for more choices.

How windy is it? The Beaufort Wind Scale! Force 4...TIME TO REEF!

Let us know if you have suggestions for more tools to add!

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