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Catamarans and Big Boats


& Big Boats

ASA104-114 2018-03-10h.jpg
Sailing Yacht

Catamaran and Big Boat Certifications:

Build your skills to MOVE UP beyond basic 25-35' Charters.

Our experienced instructors will share knowledge from their 1000+ nm voyages aboard 40'-56' Catamarans and Mono-hulls. 

Wanting to sail that 45' Lagoon Cat to Catalina?  The Beneteau 56' in the BVIs?  We can help you build the confidence, competence AND CERTIFICATION you need.  Get started with ASA114-Catamaran Cruising

Check out this FREE Catamaran Maneuvering App from NauticEd.

Contact us by PHONE or EMAIL for more information.

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