Lessons & Certifications with Southwest Sailing


Sailing Lessons your way with flexible options from SWsailing.

Earn your NauticEd OR American Sailing Association (ASA) certifications with SWsailing and our ASA sailing school partners in AZ and CA.


ASA Certifications:

ASA101-Basic Keel Boat

ASA103-Basic Coastal Cruising

ASA104-Bare Boat Chartering 

ASA114-Catamaran Cruising

ASA111-Sailing Review

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NauticEd Certifications:

21st Century Sailing Education.  On-line.  Interactive. Up to date.

Achieve your sailing goals with NauticEd. Crew, Skipper, Bare Boat, Off-Shore, and International SLC certifications. 

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Certification Challenge - Experienced Sailors Only

Already have the skills and NOT the CERTS?  With Southwest Sailing you can earn ASA101-103-104-114 in 2-3 days. Are you ready for the Certification Challenge?



Earn your NauticEd or ASA Certifiations AND enjoy a Bare Boat sailing adventure.  Or sit back and relax as SW Sailing creates a special on-the-water experience for you, friends and family.  Our USCG Licensed Captain and  his 1st Mate have THOUSANDS OF MILES and hundreds of days off-shore experience on multi-day sailing voyages.  We know how to create SAFE and FUN sailing adventures.  For a day, for a weekend, how long are you ready to go?  Let's go! Build your skills, earn your certification AND have a great adventure! 

CONTACT US to plan your CERTIFICATION VACATION in California, San Juan Islands, WA., Virgin Islands, or...?


What's the fastest way to get on- board as crew down at the docks? Ask that solo Captain, "Need any help?"  Gain the skills you need to to step aboard with confidence and be ready and able crew. REGISTER HERE for Competent Crew Lessons


PARTNER LESSONS:  What if your partner or crew is "Suddenly in Command"? Will they know what to do if the skipper is injured or incapacitated?  Competent Crew Lessons focus on basic skills needed to safely control the vessel and get help for you and your loved ones.

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