Get Started with Southwest Sailing


Where to Start?  With You!  Are you an All-In or Step-by-Step type? 

What makes you comfortable?  What makes you UN-comfortable??

Contact us to discuss your goals and how best to achieve them, your way.

Or, schedule your First Sailing Lesson to get a taste for yourself.

Your First Lesson:  

Join us for a casual 3 hour introductory sailing lesson. Get prepared by taking TWO FREE ONLINE COURSES.  They will get you ready to take the helm and feel the wind, water and sails work together as you learn the basics of sailing.

(Good for up to two students.)  


Ready for More? Check out our SAILING CERTIFICATION CLASSES, or  


with SW Sailing On-the-Water practical education and certification.


Sailing Vacations!  A great way to sample life at sea!  2-3 Day Captained Charters for you and your family. Experience the sailing life - days AND nights - aboard a Luxury Sailing Yacht sailing adventure.  Sit back and relax as SW Sailing creates a special on-the-water experience for you, friends and family.  Our USCG Licensed Captain and  his 1st Mate have THOUSANDS OF MILES and hundreds of days off-shore experience on multi-day sailing voyages.  We know how to create SAFE and FUN sailing adventures.  For a day, for a weekend, how long are you ready to go?  Let's go! Build your skills, earn your certification AND have a great adventure!