Southwest Sailing - ASA Certifications

  1. ASA Certifications provided thru Sailboat Shop.

  2. Schedule your class with SWsailing or Sailboat Shop.

  3. Courses available at Lake Pleasant, or in Southern California and in "Vacation" locations as noted.

Courses offered in CA and in "Certification Vacation" locations are

per person / double-occupancy,

and price varies based on location and vessel used.

Private Instruction


max 2 students

min 3 hours

ASA101 - Basic Keelboat


No experience required. Learn sailing terms, parts of the boat, points of sail, right of way, reading the wind, sail trim, basic knots and maneuvering under power aboard a 25-30 ft sloop.  2 days. Lake Pleasant only unless with Certification Vacation.

ASA103 - Basic Coastal Cruising

$375 - $795+

Learn sailing skills for cruising 25-35' sailboats, USCG requirements, navigation lights, communications at sea, man overboard tactics, basics of nautical charts, auxiliary engine operations, anchoring, mooring, reefing and more. ASA101 required. 2 days. $375 @ Lake Pleasant. $795+ in So. Cal. in Certification Vacation locations.

ASA104 - Bare Boat Cruising


Learn bareboat chartering skills for 30' to 45' boats on multi-day voyages on inland or coastal waters. Provisioning, galley operations, boat systems, basic diesel maintenance, basic coastal navigation including and GPS operations. ASA103 required. 2 days. Only offered in Southern California and Certification Vacation locations, not in AZ.

International Proficiency Certificate - IPC


The ASA International Proficiency Certificate or similar are mandatory for chartering in most European / Mediterranean waters. Only sailors who have been certified through ASA 104, Bareboat Cruising can get the International Proficiency Certificate.

ASA114 - Catamaran Cruising


Apply Bareboat Cruising skills on 30-45', dual auxillary-powered Catamaran sailboats. Learn to safely skipper cruising catamarans on multi-day bare boat voyages on inland or coastal waters in winds up to 30 knots. ASA104 required. 1-2 days. Only offered in Southern California and in Certification Vacation locations.

ASA111 - Sailing Review


The ASA 111 Sailing Review will improve and refresh your sailing skills and knowledge based on your goals, including a written personalized recommended action plan after the session. ASA111 may be taken multiple times and becomes a permanent addition to your ASA student record.

Certification Vacation (103-104 or 104-114)


Earn your 103-104 or 104-114 over 3-4 days while bare boating in So. Cal., overnights at Catalina Island or at a vacation location of your choice. The Certification Vacation. ASA prerequisites and appropriate sailing experience required.  

Certification Challenge (ASA101 thru 114)


For VERY experienced sailors only.  Requires completion of all ASA written tests and demonstration of ASA required knowledge and skills (i.e. see ASA104). 2-3 days min. Only offered in So. Cal. and in Certification Vacation locations.