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More than Sailing Lessons - Become a Sailor!

Where will sailing take you?  What type of sailor will you become? 

What's the right course for you?  Scroll down to see ways for you to SET SAIL!

SOUTHWEST SAILING:  More than sailing lessons.  BECOME a Sailor!  Your way!


Chart your own course to your sailing goals.  Your first lesson?  Sailing Certifications?  Bare Boat Chartering to Catalina, the San Juans, the BVIs?  Living Aboard?  Whether you are heading off-shore to circumnavigate the planet, or maybe just out for a lap around the lake, wherever you want to go, we can help you along your way.  

We have the skills to help new sailors just learning the ropes, and experienced sailors ready to "challenge" your way to multiple cert's over a weekend. SWSailing can help you achieve your sailing goals, your way. 

You can count on our experienced Captains and Crew to bring you capability and flexibility, certifications from NauticEd, American Sailing Association (ASA), US Sailing, and in locations where YOU want to learn, AZ, CA, and beyond.

Become a sailor in a way that fits you and your goals, YOUR WAY, with Southwest Sailing!

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